About Vesper and Laura

If you are interested in traveling the world, want a good story, or are one of our concerned parents, then this is the perfect place for you!

Hello! We are Vesper and Laura, and we have decided to explore the world. This website is our living journal: a way to keep family and friends up to date and a platform to share anything we learn along the way. If you’re interested in traveling, we hope you find something useful - or at least entertaining.

Our journey around the world begins today! Not in 30 years when we have (hopefully) made our fortune and retired, but now while we have no major responsibilities and the physical youth to do it. We don’t know how we are going to plan it, pay for it, or stomach it (there’s a lot of food to eat out there!), but we know it needs to happen.

We met after college working for a software company. It was a great time in our lives where we grew professionally, learned new skills, worked with awesome people, and made many lifelong friends. We also quickly found out how taxing a fast-paced tech company can be when they don’t emphasize work-life balance. After five years, we both needed to do something else. We made a leap of faith and quit our jobs so we could start traveling full time.

Aside from traveling, we love brewing awesome beer, puzzle rooms, trying new recipes, and board games. If Laura is busy reading or solving a crossword puzzle, Vesper will be practicing his Spanish or tinkering with a neural network.

If any of this has inspired you, come out and meet us somewhere! Seriously, send us an email and we will see you out here!