Iguazu Falls

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We had heard from everyone that if we were going to visit Argentina, we had to go to Iguazu Falls. The waterfalls are located on the Iguazu River, which acts as the border of Argentina and Brazil. We didn’t know this before arriving, but we found out that Iguazu is the largest waterfalls system in the world! It’s taller than Niagra Falls and wider than Victoria Falls, although since Iguazu is split up into many different waterfalls and islands, Victoria Falls technically has the largest curtain of water in the world… but who cares? Iguazu is awesome!

We flew from Bariloche to avoid 50+ hours on a bus and settled in for three nights on the Argentina side of the falls. We had read it was good to budget at least three days as it will probably rain one of them, which is exactly how it worked for us. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking…

Coatis are everywhere in Iguazu!
This area is known as Devil's Throat.

So yeah, the falls are pretty spectacular on the Argentina side. Some people had said we would need two days to see all of it, but we thought one day was good enough. This also perfectly coincided with the weather, as it was pouring rain our second day there. We used this day to plan our time in Brazil and book a flight to Europe! Our time in South America was finally wrapping up.

The third day we checked out of our hotel and headed to the Brazilian side of the falls. We had initially debated whether we should even go to the Brazilian side of the falls since it seemed like the Argentine side already gave us a ton of amazing views. It would save us some money if we skipped it, but our flight to Rio wasn’t until that evening so we decided to go for it.


Holy crap! We had read several blogs debating which side of the falls was better when we were trying to decide whether it was worth spending the money on both. Um, hello? You get to walk through a waterfall on the Brazil side and it’s SO FUN!

We made a few flying friends.
Blinded by rainbows in the middle of the waterfall!

Although the Brazil side totally had amazing views and the sweet waterfall lookout, it is much smaller than the Argentine side. We only spent a couple of hours there before heading to the airport, where we sampled our first cervejas and pão de queijo (amazing little balls of cheese bread). Off to a great start in Brazil!


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