Sun and Ceviche in Máncora, Peru

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We’re in Peru!! We have very fond memories of our previous trip here, and we couldn’t wait to come back. We took an overnight bus from Cuenca, Ecuador that left at ten pm, crossed the border into Peru around two am, and arrived in the small surf town far too early at five am. We planned ahead and booked a hostel that had 24 hour check in, so we were able to go straight to our room and catch back up on several hours of sleep. Thank goodness!

When we got to exploring, Máncora didn’t have much to it. There were several touristy shops and restaurants, but the beach honestly wasn’t that pretty - then again, it doesn’t really need to be if you’re just there to surf. We did manage to find a decent stretch of beach our first afternoon and played in the huge waves and enjoyed some local cervezas.

Enjoying some beer and sunscreen on the beach, then watching the sun set.

We also spent some time with our new friend Bea (check out her blog!), who we met on the overnight bus from Cuenca. The three of us found the local market one day and a had a delicious super cheap lunch, where we had the first ceviche of this trip. Peru is known for its ceviche, and we will eat it any opportunity we can get.

Two types of ceviche we enjoyed.

Our three days in Máncora were pretty relaxed, mostly filled with reapplying sunscreen, watching surfers, and swatting (or in Laura’s case, being eaten alive by) the millions of mosquitoes that live there. We probably wouldn’t go back there to hit up the beach, but we met an awesome new friend along the way!

Not Bea, but another one of our new friends.

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