Paris, Je T'aime!

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After much debate we decided it was finally time to leave Europe. Three months was really burning a hole in our pockets and we had a craving for a new adventure. India would be the perfect next destination, but how to get there? After hours of searching we found that flying from Paris would save us a lot of money. We had both been to Paris back in college so we had no need to see everything. Only four days would give us a good taste (literally) of the city.

What better way to taste Paris than crepes? We frequented a few popular spots near our Airbnb to try as many as possible. Savory or sweet and all delicious!

We scoped out Brewberry and Académie de la bière, two beer bars nearby to see what they had on tap. Overall the French beers were good but pricey. They had a good selection of craft imports as well so we were happy.

Even though we only came to Paris for the cheap flight to India, we still managed to revisit a few of the main attractions. We walked along the Seine to see Notre Dame and the Louvre, went underground in the Catacombs, and picnicked under the Eiffel Tower. Vesper didn’t like Paris the first time he went, but Laura managed to change his mind this time around.

Inside Notre Dame.
Views from the Seine.
Walking past the Louvre.
Exploring the Catacombs underneath Paris.
À votre santé!

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