Six Months of Traveling Complete

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It’s crazy to think that we’ve been traveling for six months already. That’s half a year! We’ve been telling everyone we’d be traveling for about a year, but at this rate we might be gone longer since we’re only on our second continent. Let’s see how long we can stretch that budget…

In the last month we have traveled to seven cities in five countries: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Stavanger, and Bergen in Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; and Vienna, Austria. We had to move pretty fast through expensive Scandinavia so look for posts on these places soon.

Month 6 and Scandinavia Observations

  • Laura stuck out in South America where there are few blondes. In contrast, she fits in so well in Scandinavia Vesper had a hard time finding her.
  • $candinavia is SO expensive! In South America we were able to get by cheaply without planning ahead - in fact, we often saved money by booking directly the day of - but we got screwed over in Scandinavia a few times doing this and paid way more than if we had planned ahead. Time to change strategies?
  • You can easily get by without cash in Scandinavia; credit cards are accepted practically everywhere. You could even use them to pay the 50 cents for public bathrooms.
  • Scandinavia is super clean and well maintained. We aren’t sure what to attribute this to (e.g., infrastructure, income levels, etc.) but it was obvious.
  • There is recycling available everywhere, which was usually not a thing in South America.
  • Scandinavia is pedestrian-friendly! After playing frogger in South America for so long, it’s taking us a while to get used to drivers who actually stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • Most places we stayed had a shoe horn by the front door since it’s customary to remove your shoes at home.

Fast Facts

  • Best beer: Noa Peca Mud Cake Stout by Omnipollo
  • Favorite city: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Favorite museum: Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Most interesting experience: Visiting the greenlight district in Freetown Christiania

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