Celebrating a Birthday in St. Martin

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Although our original plan was to start our year abroad in Mexico City, last weekend we spent a whirlwind four days in St. Martin to celebrate our friend’s thirtieth birthday. We said goodbye to America far too early on Friday morning to start our travels. Of course we ended up running through the Atlanta airport to barely make our connecting flight. Nothing like beginning a marathon trip with a sprint!

Once we were all at the St. Martin airport, we got in our dinky little rental car and followed our AirBnB host to the villa for the weekend. This involved some creative driving - namely jumping a few curbs in a roundabout - as we experienced Friday rush hour on the island. Once we reached the house, we couldn’t have been more pleased. We had a small private patio with a pool and lounge chairs overlooking the beautiful water and views of St. Barts in the distance. We had officially found paradise.

Over the next few days, we explored the island’s beaches (some nude as we accidentally found out), cooked delicious meals in our house, and relaxed in the perfect weather. Monday we celebrated our friend’s birthday on a private speedboat tour. We spent an amazing day exploring some small islands and beaches, snorkeling with sea turtles and tropical fish, and lounging in the beautiful blue clear waters. Our day wrapped up at the famous airport beach, where the incoming planes fly right overhead and everyone gawks to take pictures.

We left St. Martin Tuesday afternoon, the two of us only slightly sunburnt, and began our 24 hour trip to Mexico City. Why did it take 24 hours? Find out next time…


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